Qustodio vs. mSpy: What’s a Better Choice for iOS?

The monitoring application is becoming a need of time because of the increasing cyber-bullying and other criminal activities. Qustodio and mSpy are the two applications that offer mobile phone monitoring. Among the other competitors in the markets, they are considered a few of the best and highly trustworthy. Which one is better to go for? After reading this detailed comparison of Qustodio and mSpy, you can quickly take the decision and select one.

Qustodio vs. mSpy: What’s a Better Choice for iOS?

Qustodio vs. mSpy

Pros & Cons:

The pros and cons of both software programs will quickly reveal what each monitoring agent has to offer.

Qustodio mSpy

Qustodio’s Pros:

  • Has a free option that offers basic protection features
  • Offers cross-platform diverse support
  • Provides protection to over 15 devices in one license

Qustodio’s Cons:

  • Older devices are not supported

mSpy’s Pros:

  • Highly friendly user interface
  • Works without jailbreaking
  • 24/7 customer support

mSpy’s Cons:

  • One license for one device
  • Only rooted Android devices enjoy the premium functions

Qustodio vs. mSpy – Feature Comparison

mSpy and Qustodio, the both, offer wonderful features that can track the activity of the targeted device very efficiently. Here is a quick comparison of both that will help you to take your decision.

  • Location Monitoring:

Both of these monitoring software programs offer real-time location tracking. Their GPS tracking feature can tell where your child is or where is he heading. Furthermore, these apps have a geo-feature feature. With this feature, you can set the safe premises. When your child leaves that zone, you will get the notification instantly.

  • Screen Time Management:

Screen time management helps you to restrict screen time for your children. It tells the parent to set the time limit. Both are good but Qustodio is better here as its restriction setting is much more advanced and easy to handle.

  • Web Filtering:

Both of these monitoring applications provide complete access to your child’s web presence. You can filter their web content and make them see only what you think is appropriate. Also, you can know their browser history that gives you a glimpse of what they are up to online. mSpy can even provide information about the searches done in incognito mode.

  • Text and Call Monitoring:

Whether it is Qustodio or mSpy, both of them are amazing at monitoring calls and texts and provide accurate information about them. You can have the call logs, can read the messages, and even block the contacts if you want.

  • Social Media Accounts Managements:

Social media presence makes kids more vulnerable. They can easily be accessed by cyber predators. Qustodio and mSpy allow you to monitor your kid’s activities on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can read the message exchanged on these platforms. Furthermore, you can also see how much time they are spending there.

There are certain features like monitoring the media files on the phones, and also watching the calendar updates that are only offered by mSpy. So when it comes to features, mSpy offers extra features than Qustodio. So, here we can say mSpy wins.

mSpy vs. Qustodio – Requirements for Rooting / Jail-breaking?

mspy couponmSpy:

  • iOS:

mSpy offers two versions for iOS. You can jailbreak the device if you like or you can continue without jailbreaking. Both options are valid. However, for the jailbroken device all the features are supported. In a non-jailbroken phone, you won’t have most of the internet options like internet blocking options, all social media options and also you can’t wipe the phone’s data remotely.

  • Android:

Again it works fine with both rooted and non-rooted phones. Both types of devices support all the features. Only the instant messengers monitoring are available on the rooted devices.

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Qustodio Parental Control CouponThere is no need to jailbreak the iOS device for this application. Also, rooted Android phones are not their requirement either.

Qustodio offers every feature without the restriction of jailbreaking or rooting which is the opposite for mSpy. So, here, we can say Qustodio wins.

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Compatibility Comparison:

mSpy and Qustodio, both are amazing, but what if they are not compatible with the targeted device? Here is the quick comparison of the compatibility of both applications.


  • For Android:

All the device that runs on Android 4 or more and fully operational

  • For iOS:

With Jailbreak: All the devices having iOS 7 to iOS 9.1 are compatible

Without Jailbreak: All the iOS versions are compatible


  • For Android:

Android 4.4 or higher, Qustodio works the best. The lower version might cause compatibility issues.

  • For iPhone:

All the iPhones and iPads that are running on iOS 11 or later are compatible.

  • For Kindle App:

Kindle OS 4.0.3 or higher are compatible but only standard Kindle profiles could be monitored and not the restricted or limited profiles.

mSpy is much more flexible when it comes to compatibility. It is compatible with many lower versions of the operating software. mSpy wins when it comes to compatibility.

Pricing Comparison:

Many times, what your pocket allows is the best. Here is the pricing comparison of mSpy and Qustodio. It will help you to make the decision as per your budget.

mSpy Pricing:

  • Basic package for mobile phones: Three basic packages are available depending on the time duration
    • 1-month for $29.99 only
    • 3-month for $59.99 only
    • 1-year for $69.99 only
  • Premium package for mobile phones: Again, you will have three options here:
    • month for $69.99 only
    • 3-month for $119.99 only
    • 1-year for $199.99 only
  • Basic plan for computer: It also comes with three different packages:
    • 1-month for $29.99 only
    • 3-month for $39.99 only
    • 1-year for $69.99 only
  • Bundle package: This bundle package is the combination of the computer package and the premium mobile package. It is available at:
    • 1-month for $84.99 only
    • 3-month for $135.99 only
    • 1-year for $229.99 only

Qustodio Pricing:

  • Small Plan: This plan is for small families and allows the monitoring of up to five devices. All the premium features are offered. The plan costs $54.95 per year only.
  • Medium Plan: It can protect up to 10 devices which is suitable for most families. It also offers all the premium features. It is available at $96.95 per year only.
  • Large Plan: This plan is the best when there are up to 15 devices to monitor. It also provides all the premium features. It is offered at $137.95 a year only.

Plans offered at Qustodio are cheaper and also they are for multiple devices. On the other hand, mSpy offers a license for a single device only and expensive when compared. Here, Qustodio is better.

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Refund Policy Comparison

Qustodio mSpy
Qustodio offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. When you are not satisfied with their product you can file your claim to get your money back.

Qustodio is much more flexible with their refund policy than mSpy.

mSpy refund policy is not applicable to the change of mind. You can only apply for a refund when there is a technical issue in the Software that cannot be corrected by their Support team. They ask to take the Customer Support help before the purchase to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

The refund claims are only acceptable when made within two weeks or 14 days of the purchase. When you are eligible, you will get a refund in 14 days.

If we see overall, mSpy and Qustodio both are amazing when it comes to monitoring. They both have their pros and cons. When it comes to deciding which one to choose, you can have your opinion. The factors on which you are selecting matter the most. When you want more features, you can go for mSpy, and when you are low on budget and want multiple devices to monitor, Qustodio is the better option.

(Qustodio vs. mSpy: What’s a Better Choice for iOS?)

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